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63 - Pomplamoose Interview, Part 2 - Jack & Nataly Share Their DIY Music Success Story

In part two of Bob's interview with Pomplamoose, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn share their first-hand experiences with: indie celebrity status, landing car commercials, selling cover songs, how they make a living with no physical products and few live shows, and more.

They also have some tough love and a reality check for DIY music naysayers. This is a good one, so listen up!

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Stuff mentioned on this episode:
The music at the beginning and end of the episode is "Aware Awake Alive" by Soul Massage (which happens to be Bob's electronic music project with his significant other, Pooki). Visit for more info.

What do you think of Jack and Nataly's DIY music success story with Pomplamoose?

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