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62 - Pomplamoose Interview w/ Jack Conte & Nataly Dawn - Part 1

What could you learn from a musical duo with more than 300,000 YouTube subscribers and 60 million total video views who sell more than 100,000 downloads a year?

You're about to find out as Bob interviews Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of the successful duo known as Pomplamoose.

This is an indie music success story that will inspire you. Listen as they reveal the steps they took and the strategy behind it. Plus, Bob's starts off with an embarrassing screw-up ... and at the end of this episode, Jack admits one way that Pomplamoose messed up with their marketing.

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Stuff mentioned on this episode: The music at the beginning and end of the episode is "Aware Awake Alive" by Soul Massage (which happens to be Bob's electronic music project with his significant other, Pooki). Visit for more info.

What do you think of Jack and Nataly's DIY success story with Pomplamoose so far?

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