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57 - David Nevue: Lessons From a Full-Time Musician

What could you learn from an independent solo artist who has been making a good living and supporting his family for 10 years? That's what pianist David Nevue has accomplished.

He is also the author of the newly revised and updated book "How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet."

Last week Bob spent over an hour on the phone with David as he shared his inspiring story. It's part of a new series of monthly interviews in conjunction with Bob's Music Marketing Mentorship Program.

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Stuff mentioned on this episode:
Upcoming interviews in this new series will include:
  • Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose - an independent music duo that has become a buzzworthy YouTube music video sensation.
  • Joe Vitale, author of a ton of bestselling books on "Hypnotic Marketing" and the law of attraction. You may have seen him in the movie "The Secret," on Larry King Live or The Donny Deutsch show.
Who else would you like to hear Bob interview?

Post your suggestions in the Comments below.

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